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What is Pet Hospice?

Hospice is the care of a terminally ill pet focused on ensuring comfort and care, not curing. Treatments emphasize quality of life and comfort when a curative treatment is not available and you are not yet ready to euthanize. If your pet companion is suffering from a terminal or incurable disease, hospice care may be a viable option.

Benefits of Home Hospice Care

For Your Pet
When your pet companion is at home, in their own environment, they are more comfortable and relaxed. At home, they do not deal with the stress of a car ride or an animal hospital atmosphere. Particularly for a pet in discomfort, home hospice care prevents additional stress and the pain of moving.

For You and Your Family
Home hospice allows the entire family to be present and involved in the care of your pet companion, in the familiar environment and comfort of their own home. Other pets in the home are able to be present and lend support as well.

What Happens During Pet Home Hospice?

When our doctors come to your home, they will perform a complete examination of your pet and evaluate what measures can be taken to reduce pain and ensure comfort. They will then discuss with you optional treatments and therapies that you may choose for your pet companion. They will complete these first treatments and formulate a plan for continued treatments and therapies which include pain regulation and comfort.

What Happens After the First Visit?

Once a hospice plan has been made, future treatments will be performed by your family or a technician who will come to your home. These visits can be as often as needed based on the care needs of your pet companion. Our doctors will be available to the technician during every visit if needed and treatments can be adjusted as your pet companion’s needs change.


Because a veterinarian or technician is always involved, home visit appointments must be scheduled. We are available by phone 24/7 for your scheduling needs. With proper notice, we can schedule home hospice appointments anytime. After the first visit and a plan being made, we can schedule technician visits regularly or simply as needed, depending on the needs of your pet companion.